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Website Usability Checklist

Posted By Jonathan Clift on 13 February 2015

Recently I've come to the conclusion that I simply don't spend enough time on website usability. Whilst I know a lot about the subject and understand it's importance, I often fail to implement some of the most basic of usability best practices. To try and beat this, I've created a visual aid called, 'Cliftwalker's Website Usability Checklist'. This is something that I can easily refer to whenever I'm making a website to make sure I implement the low hanging fruit from usability best practices.

Website Usability Checklist

Tip of the iceburg

It's worth mentioning, as a little disclaimer, that this is by no means a exhaustive list of ALL usability checks you should do on a website. This is merely a visual reference of some of the key and easy things you can implement to create a more usable website or interface. If you are looking for an extensive list then I'd recommend you take a look at a Userfocus article which lists 247 web usability guidelines broken down into neat sections.

Get started by downloading my 20 point usability checklist. If you think it's worth a share then please do that too.

How I work through my usability checklist

It's also worth talking a little bit about how I plan to workthrough this list. In general, I don't find the implementation of these best practices particuarly engaging. But, I totally understand the importance of usability and the improvements it can have on a website. I also care deeply about creating the best possible experience I can for all website visitors. So, to help me focus, I'm going to trial using the pomodoro technique. If you've not heard of it before, it's basically a timer which breaks up your day into short sprints (usually 25minutes) with the aim of focussing 100% of your mind on a specific task during that time. You then have a little break and do it again. I've used it for lots of other things, especially stuff that I'm not that excited about and it's definitely helped focus my mind. So, even if you do one pomodoro sprint specifically for usability, you'll immediately make improvements to your website.


Here is a list of all the books, articles and tools that I used to create my Website Usability Checklist.

Tools I mentioned in my checklist