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Website design and development - Jacobs and Hunt

Posted By Jonathan Clift on 02 March 2013

I was hired by Jacobs and Hunt to design and develop a new website for thier independent Estate Agency based in Petersfield, Hampshire. This piece of work was split into a number of different parts which included design, development and integration with my bespoke porperty management system built using the popular PHP framework called Codeigniter.

Phase 1 - Design

The first part of the work required initial consulting and design work to create the new image to represent both the estate agent and professional services part of the business. This required extensive use of applications such as Balsamiq mockups and Adobe Photoshop. 

Phase 2 - Front end Development & CMS

The second part of this work was the Front and Backend development of the new design. The bulk of the website was built using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (jQuery) and PHP was used to integrate the website with a popular Content Management system called Perch

Phase 3 - Custom Property Management Application

The final part of this design and development proect was the integration of their website with my bespoke property management system. This PHP based platform enables Estate Agents to manage their properties and applications online and most importantly provide automated feeds to populate their own website and 3rd party portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla.

Here is a screenshot of the Jacobs and Hunt Landing page:

Here is a screenshot of the Jacobs and Hunt Property Search Results page: