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Useful websites for web designers and developers

Posted By Jonathan Clift on 12 July 2014

Over the years I've stumbled across lots of free resources that help get things done in the world of website design and development. Here is a list of lots of useful websites I've come across recently covering web application design and development, marketing, design, coding and informational resources. Most of these are totally free to use (sometimes with limitations) so it's definitely worth checking them out.


http://www.webtexture.net/ - Long long list of free(most of them are) textures and patterns to use in your websites and web applications

http://do.thelandingpagecourse.com/ - This is a landing page conversion course. It's focus is on increasing the effectiveness of yourweb application landing pages. The course is easy to follow and provides step by step instructional videos.

https://kuler.adobe.com/ -  A fantastic resource for finding colour palette inspiration. Either browse the 1000s of colour palettes created by other users, or use the handy in browser tool to find matches for your own colour schemes.

http://www.browsercover.com/ - Designers who might be showcasing there work will love this little timesaver. Create your mockup and then upload it to the site where it will wrap the browser of your choose around the design. Very cool


https://codeanywhere.com/ - I've seen a few of these crop up now. Browser based code editing seems to be on the rise, enabling you to code regardless of where you are.

http://www.codecademy.com - If you're looking to get into coding or have just started, take a look at the Code Academy. A fantastic free resource, providing online tutorials covering the fundamentals of web development.

https://stripe.com - simple yet incredible secure way to add payment functionality to your web application. Built specifically for developers, its a beautifully designed application that makes taking payments a breeze.

http://pikock.github.io/bootstrap-magic/app/#!/editor - If you use Bootstrap a lot then you might want to take a look at this handy tool which allows you to customise, preview and then download your own bootstrap themes.

https://browserling.com/ - If you're on a budget but need to do some quick cross browser testing, browserling gives you a fully interactive testing platform. It's free for a limited number of browsers and then there are paid plans. http://jsonlint.com/ - Validate your JSON by pasting it into this website. It'll return nicely format JSON, with any errors you might have.


http://webappsuccess.com/ - A free online version of the Five Simple Steps book on creating successful web applications. It's totally free to read online or you can buy the paperback/eBook version.

http://issuu.com/peterpixel/docs/introduction_to_good_usability - Another free online book providing a great introduction into good usability.

https://gettingreal.37signals.com/ - I've mentioned this book in a previous posts but it's one of my favourites so thought I'd mention it again. It's worth mentioning that it's not just for 'developers'. I think all sorts of Freelancers and small businesses will find this an interesting read.

Does anyone else have any they'd like me to add to this list? I come across so many, so I think I'll update this post or create another in the future with another batch of useful website design and development resources.