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The Radarr - My Knowledge Sharing Web App

Posted By Jonathan Clift on 18 July 2014

Today I launched my new mini web application called The Radarr. This little application is a simple way for people to share knowledge in small digestible chunks. The idea is that if you've read something interesting in a book, article or wherever really, the chances are other people will find it interesting too, so share it on The Radarr.

The Radarr

This is very much a personal project, solving a problem I've had ever since I stepped up the amount of reading I did. I'm constantly reading some great stuff that I keep forgetting about. This little app allows me to share it with everyone else  and stores it as a "snippet" under my account for me to look back at again in the future. I also took on this project as it was a great way to learn more about the PHP framework called Laravel. There is no better way to learn about a new framework than by building something with it. At the moment, the functionality is very basic. You can browse/filter all the knowledge snippets shared so far and if you want to share and keep track of your own, you can sign up for a free account and start sharing. Once you've signed up you can also favourite other peoples snippets, which are then saved under your profile.

Future plans

There are  a few additional pieces of functionality I'm going to be adding to the app very soon. The first is more comprehensive management of the snippets a user has added to the site. The second will be the ability for the community (those who have signed up for an account) to create discussions around each snippet. Maybe sharing more detail, their interpretation of something or even their experience.