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Start with Why - Book review

Posted By Jonathan Clift on 09 June 2015

This is a book you’ll happily recommend to friends and colleagues many times over. Whilst it might not have the depth of research other Leadership books boast (Good to Great) Simon does a particularly good job of articulating a very clear vision as to what makes great leaders and how they inspire everyone else. Once you grasp the key concepts it will have an immediate impact on how you think about everything you do.

Why Start with WHY

Truly great leaders start with WHY. They inspire people to act, by creating a sense of purpose that everyone can connect to. Instead of using a carrot or a stick, they create a following that has very little to do with external factors such as incentives or rewards. People following them act because they are deeply connected to the same beliefs. They are loyal, they act with purpose and do what they do not because they have to but because they they want to.

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