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Responsive Flat Buttons - The Envato Marketplace Experiment

Posted By Jonathan Clift on 06 July 2014

Envato Markeplace is a huge digital marketplace that allows authors to upload their digital work and sell it. Today I decided to take a leap of faith and upload some simple flat CSS buttons as a little experiment. 

The experiment is simple, I've spent about 4 hours designing and developing these simple flat buttons to sell on the marketplace. I'm intrigued to see if I can sell enough to cover my costs, although I'll be happy even if they sell just once! I think they are nice looking buttons and would be useful to someone but there is nothing super special about them, so it will be interesting to see what happens. For anyone thinking of doing this themselves, the process is very simple. For the CodeCanyon marketplace, which is the one I've submitted my work to, you can read through more about what to do by going here. Essentially, create your digital work, sign up for an account and follow the necessary steps, uploading the appropriate files and descriptions. The commission charged by Envato is quite steep, 30-50% if you agree to exclusively sell on their marketplace. Once you have uploaded your work, it will go through a review process, which apparently takes up to 7 days.

Latest Update

I'll keep this post updated with all the latest progress and hopefully some sales news! 7th July 2014 - I'm now waiting for a reviewer on CodeCanyong to confirm whether my CSS buttons have been accepted on the marketplace and what price will be set for them. Apparently it can take up to 7 days for the reviewing process to complete. 8th July 2014 - The progress bar on profile dashboard page shows that the review process is 50% complete, hopefully that means I'll find out if it's been accpeted in the next day or so. 11th July 2014 - Unfortunately my buttons were rejected on CodeCanyon simply because they were a little too simple and didn't offer the required functionality. A little strange considering how there are so many buttons that are even simpler...oh well was fun doing it anyway!

A preview of my buttons

Flat Responsive Buttons