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Paul Boag - People worth following in the web design industry

Posted By Jonathan Clift on 14 July 2014

Paul Boag is the Co-founder of Headscape, a unique digital agency that is focused on evolving client websites through meticulous strategy, planning and implementation. There he's focussed on digital strategy, helping clients create a digital vision. Being a co-founder, he is also involved in most things in the business.

Paul Boag - Web designPaul also runs his own blog, closely linked with the Headscape agency website, called Boagworld. Here you will find a plethora of resources to help web designers, developers, marketeers and other web professionals improve the way they work in the web design industry. He often speaks at a variety of events around the world and you'll find him writing articles in many popular publications such as .net magazine, smashing mag and econsultancy.

What do I like about him and why is he worth following?

Paul is a transparent, honest professional who doesn't take things too seriously but is passionate about making the web a better place. He provides open dialogue about how he works with his clients and is very active within the community, answering questions and helping other people. He also has a sense of humour! He's worth following because he's incredibly passionate about what he does. He's spent hours and hours putting together an immense collection of articles, books, talks and podcast that provide incredible advice to people in a similar industry. He doesn't use fancy words and is happy to share all his success stories without hiding the 'secret formula'. He's an approachable likeable guy who talks a lot of sense without all the fancy jargon.

Things paul has published that are worth checking out

http://boagworld.com/show/ - Firstly there is his podcast show. This podcast covers a range of web design related topics, with lots of guests, great advice and a bit of fun thrown in too.

http://boagworld.com/books/ - Paul has also written quite a few books. I've only read client centric web design, so can certainly recommend that one. You'll also find some really handy downloadable fact sheets which are totally free.

http://boagworld.com/talks/increase-online-sales/ - Great talk on things you can do to increase online sales. This specifically talks about how the Headscape team increased sales by 10000% over 5 years for wiltshire farm foods.

http://boagworld.com/talks/success/ - this was one of the first talks I watched shortly after I started working for myself. I'd certainly recommend it to any new freelancers out there. This talk offers some great advice and it really helped clear up some of my thoughts and plans.