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Learn to draw in 30 days - Lesson 1

Posted By Jonathan Clift on 10 February 2016

As a UI/UX desginer I find myself drawing lots of flat boxes and squares but not a lot of what I call 'real' drawing. After reading an interesting article suggesting "Quantity should be your priority" I came across a reference to a very interesting book Learn to draw in 30 days. Putting the two together I thought it would be a great idea to start drawing loads by following the lessons from the book.

This is Lesson 1. It's all about showing where you're at now. As you can see my drawing of 'real' objects is pretty basic! I didn't have a pencil for day 1 which doesn't help.

Lesson 1 bonus! - My first attempt at drawing an apple and that thing on the right is supposed to be one of those little milk pots you get in hotels! Ahhhh now you know.

Things can only improve I guess.