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Great resources for web design inspiration

Posted By Jonathan Clift on 24 August 2012

Over the years, a few clever people have created some fantastic collections of the best web designs out there on the big www. Here are some of the ones I like to keep an eye on and return to from time to time.

Pattern Tap www.patterntap.com

The site itself is pretty damn cool, offering responsive design to support it's gallery of great design inspiration. The ability to view designs by "Type Tags" is great when you need to find some examples of how others might of designed a form or sign up process. You can upload examples of your own stuff, and if you make the cut you'll be appearing on there too!

Design Fridge www.designfridge.co.uk

This site boasts over 6500 sites on display, most of which are examples of amazing design. Initially this site loads up their latest submissions which is handy but, I usually use the drop down filter to look at specific styles. Once you have filtered by a specific style, you can then do even more filtering based on colours, layouts, types of sites etc. The nav on this does seem a bit clunky but the content is still great.

Web Creme www.webcreme.com

This site simply lists best design submissions in chronological order. There is no searching or filtering, so you just have to page through the 487(curent) pages to look at all the designs. This site seems to have some of the best examples of web design but, it is a bit of a pain to scroll through them all. It's a shame you can't do a little more filtering or searching. The one thing that is really cool, is that you can see the colour schemes used on each website example, and you can filter by a specific colour by clicking on it.

Design Snack www.designsnack.com

Whats really great about Design Shack, is that not only can you do various filtering but, there is also voting and liking of designs. So you can cut straight to the good stuff by filtering on the area you're interested in and the highest rated. You need to create an account to contribute but, it's worth it if you want to vote and 'save' a portfolio of your favourite examples.

The Best Designs www.thebestdesigns.com

This site seems to be particularly strong for Typography examples. I've not used this one a huge amount but, I really like the quick filtering it offers from the home page, so wanted to include it in my examples.

Still want more!?

There are 100's of examples out there, so this is just a few that I use quite a bit. Take a look at thecssgallerylist.com if you want a full on list of almost all of them (The good ones anyway) Have I missed any? Which ones do you like and why?