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Great books for Web Application Designers & Developers

Posted By Jonathan Clift on 10 July 2014

Whether you're just starting out or have years of experience, there are hundreds of books and other resources about the design and development of Web Applications. I've read quite a few, although nowhere near enough but recently I've found myself returning to 3 books which I'd highly recommend everyone reads if they have a passion for Web Application Design and Development. Books on Web Application Design

Don't make me think - By Steve Krug

If you only ever get the time to read one book about Web Usability, then this is almost certainly it. Incredibly simple yet unbelievably powerful this book will point out all the things you're probably well aware of but simply never implement. If you could just implement a handful of the recommendations made in this book, you'll be well on your way to making better websites and web applications. Krug covers a huge range of topics including, copywriting, navigation, understanding users, usability testing and much more. It's an easy read which you'll get through in no time, wishing you'd read it 5 years earlier.

Getting Real - By 37 Signals

This book is a little less about design and more focussed on the development process. It offers a no nonsense approach to building web applications rapidly and successfully. 37 Signals are the guys behind the immensely succesful Basecamp, project management tool and they share all their tips and tricks on creating better web applications. Another easy read, with 100's of takeaways that can be applied to a lot more than just improving your web application. It's also well worth noting that they've now put up a completely free PDF version of this book, which can be found over at gettingreal.37signals.com

Designing the Obvious - By Robert Hoekman, jr.

Finally, I'd like to bring your attention to Designing the obvious. A common sense approach to web application design. This book takes an in depth look at all the key elements that make up Web Applications and then focuses on designing only whats required and doing it incredibly well. The book is supported by a number of real life case studies to help reinforce the methods described by Hoekman. The book covers everythings from User Experience Techniques, User Interface Design, Copywriting, Testing and everything in between. Whilst in depth, it's a great read for anyone serious about creating better Web Applications. There are many many more books I could list here and maybe I'll follow up in the future with a few more of my favourite books. Let me know if you've read any of these or any others you would recommend too.