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Front End Web Tools

Posted By Jonathan Clift on 02 December 2014

Last year I created a page to list all the Front End Developer tools that I've come across as a Front End Developer. As this page attracted quite a bit of attention, I decided to create a mini site to house all of these tools, so that other people can see and filter them by their own interests. If you head over to www.frontendwebtools.com you can see the big list.

As this was a personal side project, I wanted to use some tools that I've never used before to power the website. I eventually settled on a teeny tiny CMS called Pico, which is a "stupidly simple and blazing fast flat file CMS." to build the new website with. Whilst I wouldn't recommend this CMS for large projects, it's absolutely perfect for smaller scale sites where you want to get something up and running very quickly. Pico doesn't use a database, instead you just upload individual files that use markdown formatting. Take a look at this Github article if you're not familiar with the power of using Markdown. 

Pico also supports plugins where a relatively active community has already created some really handy free plugins. This enabled to hack together a simple filtering system capability so that users can specifically look at the tools related to their interests.

I usually add new tools to the list every week or so. If you have any suggestions, feel free to posts them in the comments here and I'll take a look at adding them in.

Take a look at Front End Web Tools