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Free Professional Proposal Generator - A little web app by me

Posted By Jonathan Clift on 08 July 2014

I've finally finished working on a little app I started building a few months ago. The app is a PDF proposal generator, aimed at freelancers or people who might run a side business who want to create one off proposals or invoices to send out to clients.

If you head over to www.cliftwalker.co.uk/proposals, I'm hoping everything should be fairly self explanatory. Just fill in all your details, descriptions of work and costs then hit the big "Create PDF" button. This will turn all your content into a downloadable PDF to share with your clients via email or to put in the post if you're old school. I've added in a few handy features, such as calculating all your items into one total as well as working out any additional tax you've set. The app is built pretty much entirely in HTML, CSS & JavaScritpt as well as a bit of PHP to work with the PDF library I'm using called mPDF. You can find out more about that library over at www.mpdf1.com/mpdf/index.php

Free Proposal Generator

What next?

There are a few other things I might add in to this little app in the future. Features include:

  • Basic themes to cater for different colours/branding
  • Ability to add your logo instead of just a company name
  • Ability to send invoice directly from the app
  • Ability to save your invoices under your own account or something

The other thing I'd say is that there are so many cool things you can create utilising a PDF generator, specifically in reporting scenarios for business professionals. So I'm definitely going to use this library again in the future.

Let me know if you use it & if you have any feedback

I'd love to hear about anyone who uses it and if they enjoyed using it. I'm always open to feedback and making improvements, so let me know what you think. A quick disclaimer: I wouldn't say it's been heavily tested, so please do let me know if you have any problems.