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Fighting spam with creative captcha forms

Posted By Jonathan Clift on 20 September 2014

Everyone hates those silly captcha forms. The ones you can barely read, have to refresh 100 times in order to get one you think you can read, only to fail yet again. There intentions are good but often fail miserably, interrupting your flow, frustrating you and often causing you to just give up and try another service. More recently, I've started to notice that a number of sites have started to innovate this required functionality and turn it into something far more usable and interesting. This post will be all about those creative captcha examples that not only fight spam but also significantly improve the Users Experience. I'll keep this post updated as and when I come across new examples worth a mention.

I recently started using letterboxd.com which is a really cool social site for keeping a diary of all the films you're watching or planning on watching. It's also a great way to share lists with friends and discover great films you might not even know about. It's also implemented a really cool way of trapping those spammers! All the film buffs will love this one.

Letterboxd Captcha

What you'll see above is a normal sign up box followed by a little captcha 'quiz'. Instead of asking you to fill in some silly combination of numbers and letters, they ask you to complete the sentence from a popular film. This in turn will confirm you are human rather than a robot! A very creative way of stopping those bots. If you're not sure about the film, just like the old fashioned captchas you can 'try another' until one pops up your familiar with. This makes the annoying process quite fun and makes fighting spam very usable, good job Letterboxd. ....more to follow as and when I come across them.