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Feedly - A great web app to manage your blog reading

Posted By Jonathan Clift on 16 July 2014

Over the last few weeks I've really stepped up the number of blogs I'm reading and commenting on. There is so much great information out there and I feel like I need to take a little more time out of my day to digest it all. I had been visiting each blog individually to read the latest posts but realised pretty quickly that this was an incredibly inefficient way of keeping on top of things. Do you want to know about a better solution? 

Hello Feedly

Feedly has been out for ages, so I'm sure lots of people have been using it long before me but I've just started using it and am really impressed so far. For all the blogs that provide a feed to feedly, you can access all of them from one single place instead of going to each site individually. It basically puts together an 'email inbox' of unread blog posts that you can work your way through.


In this screenshot you can see that feedly provides a chronological list of all the posts I've not read from all the different blogs I've added a feed for. I can also filter down the feed of blog posts by selecting categories on the left. It's so easy to then just click into a post, read it on this site and move on to the next one. It's just so helpful to be able to scan down the last 30,40, 50 blog posts and immediately click into articles of interest without leaving the site.


And here is the blog post read view. Nice format, easy to work through and now that I've been into the post, just like an email, it marks it as read. It provides various sharing options and if I want to comment, there is little link at the bottom of the page that takes me straight into the comments section on the blog site.

Final thought

Admittedly, Feedly is hardly a new service, it's been around a long time so I suspect people are wondering why the heck I've only just started using it. Having never read blogs consistently, I guess I've never really had a need for something like this. However, if like me you're looking at 5+ blogs a day, then it's well worth signing up for a free account and organising the blogs you want to read on here. This is one of many similar services, if you use something different let me know what it is and I'll go and check it out.