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Designing the obvious - book review

Posted By Jonathan Clift on 27 January 2015

This book was written some time ago. Published back in 2007, a time when “web 2.0” was all the rage and seemed to be the answer to creating new, exciting and engaging web applications. Unlike the web 2.0 fad, the core principles from this book are still very relevant today. From understanding users to refining everything you do, Robert Hoekmans’ Designing the obvious, provides a great framework for approaching the design and continual process of improving web user interfaces.

What is “Obvious” design?

Most users of software have a job to do. They just want to get what they need and move on. The problem, is that designers and developers have a habit of making this harder for them than it should be. They create software that interrupts, distracts and is unhelpful in the event of something going wrong. The solution Hoekman says, is that we need to start ‘designing the obvious.’...

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