Hey there, I'm Jonathan, a freelance digital consultant, specialising in UX/UI Design.

I help companies design and develop beautifully simple user interfaces. I work with a huge variety of clients including companies like, Smith & Nephew, KLM, Durex and the National Aids trust.

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Front End Web Tools

Jonathan Clift | 02 December 2014 | Comments: 0

Last year I created a page to list all the Front End Developer tools that I’ve come across as a Front End Developer. As this page attracted quite a bit of attention, I decided to create a mini site to house all of these tools, so that other people can see and filter them by their own interests. If you head over to www.frontendwebtools.com you can see the big list.

Website design mockups

Jonathan Clift | 02 November 2014 | Comments: 0

Since I started as a freelance Front End Developer I have created a huge number of website designs. Sometimes the designs that I really like (and hope a client will use) don’t get used in the final website. So, this page is dedicated to all the designs that you might not be able to find live somewhere online. These are either designs that the client didn’t go with or from side projects that I’ve not completed just yet.

Fighting spam with creative captcha forms

Jonathan Clift | 20 September 2014 | Comments: 0

Everyone hates those silly captcha forms. The ones you can barely read, have to refresh 100 times in order to get one you think you can read, only to fail yet again. There intentions are good but often fail miserably, interrupting your flow, frustrating you and often causing you to just give up and try another service. More recently, I’ve started to notice that a number of sites have started to innovate this required functionality and turn it into something far more usable and interesting…

Feedly - A great web app to manage your blog reading

Jonathan Clift | 16 July 2014 | Comments: 0

Over the last few weeks I’ve really stepped up the number of blogs I’m reading and commenting on. There is so much great information out there and I feel like I need to take a little more time out of my day to digest it all. I had been visiting each blog individually to read the latest posts but realised pretty quickly that this was an incredibly inefficient way of keeping on top of things. Do you want to know about a better solution?

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