Hey there, I'm Jonathan, a freelance digital consultant, specialising in UX/UI Design.

I help companies design and develop beautifully simple user interfaces. I work with a huge variety of clients including companies like, Smith & Nephew, KLM, Durex and the National Aids trust.

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Free minimal responsive theme for Perch CMS (Part 2)

Jonathan Clift | 11 August 2014 | Comments: 2

I’ve now finished working on my free minimal responsive theme for Perch CMS. The first thing to say is that I call it a “Theme” but as I mentioned in Part 1, perch doesn’t really offer theme support so what I’m really doing here is just talking you through how you can apply this design into the Perch CMS framework. I’m going to make the assumption that you have already purchased a Perch license and have it installed on the server you wish to run it from.

HIV Awareness Quiz - Development

Jonathan Clift | 02 August 2014 | Comments: 0

I frequently provide Front End Development expertise to Halesway in Andover, Hampshire. For this particular project, I was tasked with developing an online quiz to help raise awareness of HIV throughout the UK. This posts provides some more details about this project as well as some screenshots of the live website.

Design and Development for DMCS

Jonathan Clift | 02 January 2014 | Comments: 0

Data Management Consultancy Services based London, hired me to design and develop a website for their new startup focussed. The consultancy, which specialises in assisting firms and vendors in managing complex complex data management issues, required a professional and clean design to help clients visualise their products and services. This post provides a brief description of the work completed and some additional screenshots from the project.

Website design and development - Jacobs and Hunt

Jonathan Clift | 02 March 2013 | Comments: 0

I was hired by Jacobs and Hunt to design and develop a new website for thier independent Estate Agency based in Petersfield, Hampshire. This piece of work was split into a number of different parts which included design, development and integration with my bespoke porperty management system built using the popular PHP framework called Codeigniter.

Website design and development - Dutch Masters Ltd

Jonathan Clift | 02 January 2013 | Comments: 0

Dutch Masters Ltd are a wholesale flower business based in Winchester, Hampshire. They hire me to design and develop a new website for them that would better represent their business and serve their customer needs. I designed and built a simple website, integrated with Perch CMS so that they could continue to update and manage the website themselves.