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An automated website backup service called Dropmysite

Posted By Jonathan Clift on 20 January 2014

Just started using a new backup service over at www.dropmysite.com. So far so good really, its fairly basic but offers all the functionality you need to setup automated backups to run daily/weekly or monthly for all your websites and DBs. It seems to be free at the moment up to a certain limit, although I can't seem to find anywhere that specifically documents what that limit is and when I might actually have to start paying. Pricing is fairly cheap though as and when that does happen, coming in at $29 a year for 10gb of space. As you can see from the screenshot below, fairly simple set-up, easy to use. Can schedule as many websites/databases as you need which then show up as a list on your dashboard. Each of those then have various options such as run a backup immediately, view latest backups or edit the schedule. Once you click into one of your sites or DB backups you can then download the latest files backed up to your local machine. Dropmysite---Dashboard