Hey there, I'm Jonathan, a freelance digital consultant, specialising in UX/UI Design.

I help companies design and develop beautifully simple user interfaces. I work with a huge variety of clients including companies like, Smith & Nephew, KLM, Durex and the National Aids trust.

Free flat UI PSD kit

Jonathan Clift | 11 February 2015 | Comments: 0

There are lots of great UI kits out there so I thought I’d put together my own as a little experiment. This UI kit was created with Photoshop using some very basic techniques and the pen tool to create some of the icons. I created the background by importing one of the Subtle Pattern backgrounds and creating a pattern out of it in Photoshop.

Designing the obvious - book review

Jonathan Clift | 27 January 2015 | Comments: 0

This book was written some time ago. Published back in 2007, a time when “web 2.0” was all the rage and seemed to be the answer to creating new, exciting and engaging web applications. Unlike the web 2.0 fad, the core principles from this book are still very relevant today. From understanding users to refining everything you do, Robert Hoekmans’ Designing the obvious, provides a great framework for approaching the design and continual process of improving web user interfaces.

Perch Minimal Responsive Theme Featured on Creative Bloq

Jonathan Clift | 13 January 2015 | Comments: 0

I’m excited to say that the Free Minimal Responsive Perch theme that I designed and developed has been featured on the Creative Bloq site! I created this theme to help Perch users who were a little less experienced get up and running quickly with the CMS Now that it has been shared on the Creative Bloq site it should get quite a bit of exposure.

The Hard Thing About Hard Things - Book Review

Jonathan Clift | 02 January 2015 | Comments: 0

Ben Horowitz is probably best known as one of two founders of Andreessen Horowitz, a $4 billion venture capital firm formed with Marc Andreessen. With this in mind, before I began to read this great book, I was under the impression it would be heavily focussed on investment. It soon became apparent that it was so much more than that. I was blown away by some incredible stories of highs and lows along with countless pieces of high level advice, any aspiring entrepreneur, manager, executive or CEO would be foolish to ignore.

The One Thing - Book Review

Jonathan Clift | 09 December 2014 | Comments: 0

The importance of finding focus isn’t anything new. It’s something aspiring business people talk about all the time. Everyone knows or is aware of its benefits and yet we all find it so hard to practice. Gary Kellers simple read, The One Thing, offers great insight into focussing your mind, setting goals and getting you on a path to achieving extraordinary results.

Front End Web Tools

Jonathan Clift | 02 December 2014 | Comments: 0

Last year I created a page to list all the Front End Developer tools that I’ve come across as a Front End Developer. As this page attracted quite a bit of attention, I decided to create a mini site to house all of these tools, so that other people can see and filter them by their own interests. If you head over to www.frontendwebtools.com you can see the big list.

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