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5 tools of a modern day freelancer

Posted By Jonathan Clift on 13 July 2014

As a freelancer what tools do you find yourself using every single day? Not just software but other things linked directly or indirectly to the work you do. Here are the 5 things I'm constantly using and what I think is great about them.

1. Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones

Whilst these are a little on the pricey side, they are without a doubt the best Headphones in the business. The increase in focus I'm able to achive wearing these is certainly providing a quick return on investment. Whenever I need some focus or need to have an intense session of productivity I slip these on, along with some streaming music from 8Tracks and I'm in the zone in no time. The noise cancelling technology is incredible, blocking out all sorts of ambient noise can otherwise cause distraction.

2. whiteboard

Brainstorming session of things left to do for a project management app

Something a little more old school, my whiteboard! As far as I'm aware a lot of freelancers don't have one of these, which I find astonishing. There is nothing better than thrashing out all your ideas on a whiteboard, in constant sight so that you can return and iterate on things time and time again.  It's also a great way to list out things I have to do on certain days. Whilst there are a plethora of todolist apps, sometimes going back to basics is more effective. Pretty much every project I've worked on has started it's life in some form on this whiteboard. So many uses and without a doubt, the best way to kick off any project.

 3. iPhone

No suprises here. The smart phone has revolutionised the way almost everyone is working these days. It's sad to say it but today I'd find it very difficult with this handy device in my pocket. The ability to keep up to date on emails, browsing stuff on the go and utilising many of the helpful apps to keep my business running. More recently I've also started listening to lot's of podcasts (a few of which are listed here) which couldn't be easier with this type of device. Some will argue these devices are detrimental in some ways but the reality is they've quickly become a device that the modern businessman can't live without.

4. Notebook

I suspect the notebook is one of the no.1 used tools by freelancers, especially designers. With all the apps and technology available today, it's amazing how the notebook has stood the test of time. This timeless piece of kit helps to keep track of everything thats going on from meetings and conversations to ideas and mockups. Although I wish my writing was a bit neater, I always find it quite inspiring looking back through my notebooks to look at the ideas and notes I've written in the past.

5. Amazon kindle

Back to the latest technology, my kindle is a really handy piece of kit. Whilst this isn't directly helping to get work done, it's ability to store 1000's of books, ebooks & PDFs into one small device has enabled me to read so much more than I ever used to. Another item I'd certainly recommend if you don't have one yet. So there it is, 5 things I'm using all the time. There isn't really much to conclude here other than that it'll be interesting to see if these change anytime soon. Will the notepad ever become a redundant tool? Some people think it already has but personally I don't think it is or will anytime soon.